About me

Captivated by the beautiful sound of the oboe, I started to play it the age of 10 in Cuba, my homeland. There, I had the pleasure to be a member of the Orchestra of the Great Theater of Havana, performing with the National Ballet company and the National Opera Company. It was in Cuba where I first discovered my passion for teaching, that will continue in Mexico when in 2014, I moved there to work for the Esperanza Azteca foundation as a music teacher of young talented children. Also in Mexico, I fell in love with chamber music; I created and directed the baroque ensemble "Sine Nomine" with which I performed for 3 years. After completing my bachelor at the University of Guanajuato, I worked as a guest member at the Guanjuato Symphony Orchestra and co-founded my first company "Duett Accesorios".

In 2020 I moved to Maastricht, in The Netherlands, to study with two great oboe players, Marc Schaeferdiek and Tom Owen. In Maastricht Conservatorium, I dedicated myself to honing my performance skills and delved deep into the art of oboe reed making, ultimately transforming into an expert in this craft.

At the moment, I run the oboe reed business "Curbelo Reeds" and I work at the Save a Day project, a company that I co-founded with the mission of enhancing the well-being of patients by integrating the healing power of music into their treatment and care.

I regularly participate in music gigs that add diversity and make me expand. Whether it be joining a local ensemble or collaborating with different musicians, I always seek opportunities to explore various genres and styles. The thrill of performing live on stage, surrounded by fellow passionate musicians, motivates me to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of my musical abilities.