Curbelo Reeds

Oboe reeds crafted with your own unique needs in mind. What sets Curbelo Reeds apart is the commitment to customization. These reeds go beyond the standard one-size-fits-all approach, tailoring each reed to your specific preferences and playing style. I believe in the importance of experiencing the reeds firsthand. That's why in-person reed try-outs are offered, allowing you to test and select the perfect reed for you. If we can't meet in person, effective communication helps me determine the best reed for you. Each reed undergoes multiple tests before reaching its final form, ensuring both stability and quality. I personally select cane that is at least 5 years old, and carefully measure and hand-pick each tube. The aim is to achieve a round and warm sound, with a primary focus on flexibility and responsiveness.

Processing time:

  • After you place an order, you will receive an official invoice with the information to make the payment.

  • After the payment is received, the reeds start to get ready for you.

  • Every order is finished within 4 to 10 days. You will receive a tracking number once it's been shipped.

When you receive the reeds:

  • Carefully take them out of the container and soak them in water for no longer than 2 min. Let them rest out of the water container at least 5 min, before you try them. This is to ensure the right water absorption. You can read my full guide on How to Play on a New Oboe Reed

  • Check if the reed has a wide opening and softly close it with your fingers making a small pressure right above the end of the scrape. Do not try to play the reed if it is too open, the result will not be realistic.

  • "Blow-in" the reed. New reeds have an adjustment period of around one hour of play. After that, you will find the real sound of that reed. To "blow-in" a reed, play long notes and scales with it, or any exercises similar to a warm-up. Do not make any adjustments during this period; give it a chance to reveal its true nature to you at its right time.

  • Play the reed on both sides, you may discover that you have a favorite one.

I appreciate your feedback:

  • Every oboe and oboe player is different. To me, understanding everyone's individual characteristics is key.

  • I adapt to the needs and preferences of my consistent clients. If you found your first order to be too hard, high or low in pitch, you want a different shape or staple...almost everything can be adapted.

  • In any case, your comments are highly appreciated and I'm always open to your opinion, so don't hesitate to get back to me.

  • Would you like to pick your reeds yourself and get them adjusted by me on the spot? You are welcome visit me in Maastricht. Send me an email to make an appointment. No extra fees!

In person reed try-out

Reed Hygiene